Marketing Audit is a comprehensive, systematic, independent and periodic examination of a company’s / business unit’s marketing function to determine problem areas & opportunities and recommend strategies to improve performance.

It includes 360 Degrees Assessment of :

  • Business Environment
  • Marketing Objective & Strategies
  • Evolving Customer Needs
  • Competition
  • Systems & Manpower

NIVA specializes in conducting Marketing Audit by defining objectives in consultation with client, conducting the analysis & presenting sound strategies for Growth.

Few Benefits of Marketing Audit :

  • In-depth analysis of your Strategy & Marketing function to ensure you are on right track & corrections are made wherever necessary
  • Independent Assessment so no bias. Its a '3rd eye view' of your marketing function
  • Customized for your business & is compact
  • Solid Foundation for Business planning
  • Outcome : Short term & Long term Strategies for Business Growth

Similarly, we can also conduct Sales Audit, Service Audit and Dealership/Franchisee Audit.

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