Empowering Entrepreneurship with NYEP NIVA YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS PROGRAM A unique and first of its kind program for 'YoungPreneurs‘ from Tier II & Tier III towns.

Entrepreneurship education and training plays an important role in ‘Entrepreneurial Development’ and has been found highly effective in India and other similar developing countries. Entrepreneurial education programs if done properly, can transform job seekers into job creators.

However, most of the entrepreneurial education programs do not lay enough emphasis on the ‘Customer Centricity’ aspect, which is the most important pillar for a successful enterprise.

Many enterprises fail due to a lack of understanding and implementation of ‘Sales & Marketing’. 

A recent ‘Forbes’ study shows that ‘Lack of Marketing’ is one of the top reasons for enterprises to fail. This is especially true in case of entrepreneurs from smaller towns. Many of them are either unaware of the importance of ‘Sales & Marketing’ or are unable to acquire these skills due to lack of resources.

The vision is to empower less privileged, early-stage entrepreneurs (YoungPreneurs) through a rigorous training and hand-holding process for improving their sales and marketing mindset and numbers.


NIVA YOUNG ENTRPRENEURS PROGRAM’ (NYEP) is FIRST OF ITS KIND OF PROGRAM IN INDIA. It is a unique & intensive 3-month 'Sales and Marketing' focused program to equip 'YoungPreneurs' - Young entrepreneurs coming from Tier II and III towns with practical ‘Business Development Skills’.

By the end of this program t​he ‘YoungPreneurs’ will be able to

  • Identify market gaps.
  • Strategize and develop plans using innovative marketing techniques.


Hands-on & On-the-Feet Learning

Learning through Case Study Method

Live Projects : 60 hrs of ‘Practical Applications/ Live Projects’

Mentorship by Industry Experts : 20 hrs of Mentorship

Socially relevant

Expert Pedagogy

Focused Workshops by SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)

Series of Interactions with ‘Successful Entrepreneurs’

Growth & Development Mapping

First of its kind

English not a hurdle, can be delivered in Hindi/Marathi


NYEP is a unique program because there is no other program specifically providing focused ‘Sales & Marketing’ skills to early-stage entrepreneurs. Not only that, NYEP is a target driven program. Which means - At the end of the program every participating ‘YoungPreneur’ sets a target for themselves. This is a revenue target that they need to achieve within one year of the completion of the program.


NIVA is conducting this program in partnership with corporates who share its vision of rural growth. Companies like OnePlus India, have come forth to support us in this empowering program.

WHY SHOULD YOU SUPPORT: (What’s in it for you?)

  • 1
    Pride of supporting young entrepreneurs
  • 2
    Meaningful CSR
  • 3
    Goodwill for your company/brand (People, Planet, Profit)
  • 4
    Positive visibility for your brand at grass root levels (Tie r II & Tier III towns)
  • 5
    Create brand ambassadors by way of the participants