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NIVA also conducts open house training workshops on a range of subjects which are commonly applicable to the Sales, Marketing, Customer Service as well as Business process improvement.

1. Effective B2B Selling Skills (One day Workshop)

2. Advanced Effective B2B Selling Skills (Two day Workshop)

3. CSETM – Customer Service Excellence (One day Workshop)

4. Advanced CSETM – Customer Service Excellence (Two day Workshop)

5. BASETM – Be A Successful Entrepreneur (One day Workshop)

6. BASETM II - Be A Successful Entrepreneur II (Two day Workshop)

7. FORMTM – Front Office & Reception Management (Half Day Workshop)

8. Time Management and Self Organization in Selling

9. Use of technology and Internet in Selling

10. Towards Professionalism in Selling

11. SIYATM – Service is Your Advantage - Workshop on Service Strategy Development for Senior Management

12. Good Sales through Great Service

13. Growing your Service Business

14. Negotiation for Business

15. Effective Sales Management

16. Retail Sales training

17. Way to Lead

18. CFLTM – Customer’s for Life

19. Marketing for Non-Marketing People

20. Growing SME – Small to BIG

21. Cases on Innovative Marketing – Indian and Foreign

22. DWDTM – Dealing With Dealers

23. Digital Marketing (One Day Workshop)

24. And Many more customized workshop

All workshops are customized with thorough preparation to meet your specific training requirements.

NIVA Workshops for Consumer Products and Retail:

1. “Best Seller” Sales Person Training Workshop

2. “Best Manager” – Managing a Retail store

3. “Leadership and strategy” for owners of the retail stores/chains

4. “CFLTM-Customer for life”- CRM Program for retail

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