Growth Consulting

NIVA offers consultancy service wherein we engage with the client and offer customized solutions by Developing Strategy & Plan needed for growth, ensure implementation and monitor the course towards growth

NIVA also offers Project Based Consultancy, which is related to specific projects and aimed at achieving project objectives within desired parameters.

Strategy and Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit is a comprehensive, systematic, independent and periodicexamination of a company’s / business unit’s marketing function to determine problem areas & opportunities and recommend strategies to improve performance.

It includes 360 Degrees Assessment of :

  • Business Environment
  • Marketing Objective & Strategies
  • Evolving Customer Needs
  • Competition
  • Systems & Manpower

NIVA specializes in conducting Marketing Audit by defining objectives in consultation with client, conducting the analysis & presenting sound strategies for Growth.

Few Benefits of Marketing Audit :

  • In-depth analysis of your Strategy & Marketing function to ensure you are on right track & corrections are made wherever necessary
  • Independent Assessment so no bias. Its a '3rd eye view' of your marketing function
  • Customized for your business & is compact
  • Solid Foundation for Business planning
  • Outcome : Short term & Long term Strategies for Business Growth

Similarly, we can also conduct Sales Audit, Service Audit and Dealership/Franchisee Audit.

Customized Training Workshops

NIVA offers Customzied training workshops to corporates which are tailored to suit specific needs of clients. The workshops are designed after detailed study of the business model & interactions with the teams to understand the nuances of clients’ business.

Open Workshops

NIVA also conducts open house training workshops on a range of subjects which are commonly applicable to the Sales, Marketing, Customer Service as well as Business process improvement.

Business Coaching

NIVA has a team of experts with comprehensive experience at senior positions in renowned organizations, in the field of Sales & Marketing. These experts have, through their experience and maturity, developed special skills required for mentor-ship assignments. These skills help in not just being analytical in understanding the mentee but also in empathizing with him / her.

Typically, the Mentor-ship exercise needs 5 to 7 sessions of around 90 minutes each. These are dedicated, one-to-one sessions of intense conversation.

The coaching can be developed for all levels of management i.e Directors, CEOs, Senior & Middle Management and Executives.

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